Custom Development

Few things web related are as rewarding or as challenging as launching a new custom web application. Typically a new web application is for a start-up company or for just a new way of doing business for an older more established company. Either way, custom development can deliver robust functionality at an affordable price and finally give you that piece of software to run YOUR business exactly the way you want it run.

Our success lies in our process and our experience. Planning, Review & Approval, Design, Development, testing and go live are all necessary to ensure a successful custom development project.

Custom development begins with understanding and planning. We listen actively to you and others within your organization to understand your business and your needs. We ask a lot of questions. Some of our clients have even told us that after our planning phase, they understood their own company better. We listen closely and may ask the same question many different ways to ensure we get a consistent response from various people within your organization. This allows us to be certain that what we develop is what you need.

Review and approval is a necessary step. We will require that we review with you the overall goals and details of functionality with you and that you are comfortable enough to sign-off on them prior to any development. Once you have approved the project scope, we will begin designing the application.

Designing the application consists of graphic design to define how the application will look in a web browser as well as designing the database structure and the code structure. We build custom applications as modular as possible to ensure they are robust and scalable. We will review and present the design documents and concepts to you for approval.

Development takes place only when you are comfortable with the design and have signed off your approval for us to move forward. During the development phase, you will be informed weekly as to our progress and any questions we may encounter along the way. Upon completion of development, we will present the project to you in a beta mode for review.

Testing takes place on the beta version of the project. We will train you or your organization as necessary on the functionality and usage of the system and require that you perform testing of the system to ensure it meets the requirements of the project. Once you are comfortable with the application, we can set a date for Go Live.

Go Live or Launch is always a rewarding phase of the project. We will move the project to a live server and web address, then prep the system for go live by removing any test data and providing you with access to the system.